Aisha King:

I have been working as a freelance make-up artist based in Berlin since 2015, predominantly in film and television productions, but also for photoshoots, advertising, as well as opera and theater. I do both beauty make-up as well as SFX make-up in Germany and abroad, on set and in workshops.

Punctuality, precision and hygiene are essential and self-evident in my work. I value these core qualities with my great enthusiasm and passion for my work.


My career:

My love for drawing and painting began at an early age, when I also began admiring beautiful figures or scary monsters in movies and then creating my own characters, allowing my imagination to run wild. My training as a make-up artist has enabled me to turn my passion into a career. After three inspiring years of training, I became self-employed in Berlin – officially recognized by the IHK – and have since been working as a mobile, freelance make-up artist.

The greatest and most exciting part of my job is transforming people and bringing out their most beautiful and unique sides. I love creating something new and innovative with my hands, helping performers get into character and allowing them to be even more expressive.

I work with the same level of commitment on sets for film and TV productions as I do in the workshop. My main passion is for SFX make-up, but I also greatly enjoy doing "normal" and historical beauty make-up. My heart beats for details and focusing on the intricacies of every millimeter, but I also regularly work in stage productions for theater and opera, where make-up must be visible from a great distance. I am also comfortable and confident with hair styling and working with hair, such as making wigs.

You can find some samples of my work and fields of activity on my website and I look forward to assisting you in your next project.


Maskenbildnerin Aisha King macht an einer Perücke den letzten Schliff für ein Make-up der Oper
Adriana - Kammeroper Schloss Rheinsberg 2015 (Photo: Tatjana Dachsel)



Maskenbildnerin Aisha King macht Touch-ups von einem historischen Make-up mit Perücke und Bart am Set des Filmdrehs für
Der Handschlag 2014 (Director: Jan Mocka) (Photo: Florian Kroker)